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Building The Legend - XJ13 re-creationThese cars are serious “toolroom copies” with fastidious attention to detail.

They are unique recreations making reference to painstakingly-researched and original data. Thise few individuals who participated in the build in 1965/66 as well as those involved in its development have also provided invaluable assistance and guidance.

Contrary to what you might hear, there are no such things as “XJ13 Blueprints” and we are alone in having accumulated a unique set of data allowing us to produce absolutely accurate recreations of the 1966 car. The resultant street-legal cars pay testament to the exacting had-built quality and thought which goes into these recreations.

The words Jaguar, Jaguar XJ13, XJ13 are used in a historical/descriptive context and in no way suggest our recreations/replicas are approved by Jaguar. It is widely known that there was only ever one Jaguar XJ13 and any others can only ever be replicas, facsimilies, tributes, recreations, toolroom copies or similar.

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1966 Le Mans Prototype

Powered by our own unique quad-cam V12 power unit, the type which could have been heard howling down the Mulsanne Straight in 1966 and beyond.
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