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Faced with a need to produce the first SOHC V12 customer engines, Building The Legend Limited is proud to announce we have enlisted the services of ex-Jaguar engine specialist Nigel Boycott. Nigel is currently working on a 6-litre (366 cu in) SOHC Jaguar V12 for us which is being rebuilt to “better-than-new” condition. This engine will power the first customer car currently in the workshop. Work has also begun on recreating our unique 1965 quad-cam Jaguar Le Mans prototype V12 so that customers can be offered this as an option to the later SOHC – watch this space for further details!

Based in Leicestershire (not far from Coventry), Nigel Boycott is a Jaguar engine specialist. Specialising in the rebuilding and reconditioning of classic Jaguar engines. All Jaguar engines from 1948 -1979. XK120, XK140 and XK150. E-type engines 3.8/4.2 and Jaguar XJ6, XJ12 and XJS V12 engines. Nigel has over 40 years specialist experience with rebuilds and reconditioning of Jaguar engines. He joined Jaguar as a works apprentice in 1971 and went on to work in the factory engine reconditioning department, working on all derivatives of the XK and V12 Jaguar engines.

Nigel began his apprenticeship at Jaguar in 1971 and remained with Jaguar for the next ten years. His start at Jaguar coincided with the launch of their Series 3 V12-powered E-Type and Nigel gained enormous experience assembling and rebuilding these legendary engines. As well as the V12, Nigel has worked on the whole range of Jaguar power-units – from fighting-vehicle engines, through fire-truck engines to their production and race engines.

In common with many Jaguar engine builders at the time, Nigel discretely stamped his initials on all the engines which passed through his hands. He was delighted to find his own initials on a Series 3 E-Type V12 engine returned to him recently for reconditioning – having given more than 40 years sterling service!


June 2014 – Jaguar V12 tested and vapour-blasted block being prepared to accept new 6-litre liners.

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