Jaguar’s Quad-Cam Roars Again

50 years ago, Jim Eastick of Jaguar started up Jaguar’s No.1 quad-cam V12 prototype engine in the presence of the late William Heynes – Jaguar’s Engineering Director.

Yesterday – 50 years later – Jim started up Jaguar’s No.2 quad-cam V12 prototype engine in the presence of Jonathan Heynes – son of William Heynes.

This was the first time this engine has been heard in over 45 years. The startup was witnessed by friends, fellow-enthusiasts, Jaguar personnel and members of the original XJ13 project team as well as those who worked on the engine project. Also present were Richard Hassan – son of the late Walter Hassan.

A full report and video will soon be published here in this blog. In the meantime, here’s a few pictures:

Left to right: Richard Hassan (son of Walter), Jim Eastick (Jaguar Experimental), Brian Martin (Electrical Engineer who wired up the XJ13), Some bloke, Peter Jones (Competitions Department) & Frank Philpott (Jaguar Experimental) – © Neville Swales 2014

Left to right: Jaguar enthusiast Mike Carr & Jonathan Heynes (son of William) – © Neville Swales 2014


Peter Wilson (author and ex-Competitions Department) – © Neville Swales 2014


Left-to-right: Brian Martin, Peter Jones, Neville Swales & Nigel Boycott (ex-Jaguar) – note the regulation “Jaguar Competitions Department white overalls! – © Neville Swales 2014

Jim Eastick’s expert hand on the engine at initial startup – note the flames! – © Neville Swales 2014

Video, text and more pictures to follow …

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