Engine Startup – Full Video of the Event

50 years ago, in 1964, Mr Jim Eastick started Jaguar’s No.1 “XJ13” prototype quad-cam V12 engine for the first time in the presence of the late Mr William Heynes – Jaguar’s legendary Engineering Director.

50 years later, on Thursday 30th October 2014, the same Jim Eastick started Jaguar’s No.2 prototype engine in the presence of Mr Jonathan Heynes – son of William Haynes.

This is a long video … for those who may not have an hour to spare, the following is a list of significant times:

  • 05:37 INTRODUCTION (Neville Swales)
  • 22:14 Peter Wilson (ex-Jaguar Competition Dept) – Part 1
  • 25:50 Jim Eastick (ex-Jaguar Engine Development)
  • 29:00 Frank Philpott (ex-Jaguar Engine Development)
  • 33:23 Peter Wilson (Part 2)
  • 38:22 Jonathan Heynes
  • 44:00 ENGINE START
(left-to-right: Richard Hassan, Jim Eastick, Brian Martin, Some Bloke, Peter Jones, Frank Philpott, Jonathan Haynes)