I LOVE my job ….

Today saw us taking one of our limited-edition cars out for its first bit of serious exercise.

Powered by our own version of Jaguar’s SOHC 6-litre V12 the car acquitted itself superbly. Some fine-tuning of suspension is now called for although this won’t be attended to until the car returns from the paint-shop.

The original car had a shade over 500 bhp to play with from its 5-litre quad-cam engine. We look forward to see what this 6-litre fully-programmable engine puts out when we run the painted car on a rolling-road in the coming weeks. 95 bhp / litre should be easily achievable.

The engine in this car will eventually be replaced with one of our own quad-cam engines – it will be just as interesting to see what sort of power our 7.5-litre engine will deliver (complete with its big valves, pointy camshafts, improved gas-flow and combustion etc) – watch this space …

I should point out that our new engine will also be available in reduced capacities from 5-litre onwards.