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A very special project ...

18 March 2024



Announcing a very special project

In 1966, Jaguar’s ground-breaking and beautiful XJ13 Le-Mans Prototype first saw the light of day.


Fueled by a desire to once again triumph at Le Mans, Jaguar crafted an exceptional V12 "quad-cam" engine to take them there. The start of an unforgettable new chapter in their legacy.

Only 5 engines are known to survive. What you see in the video below is the FINAL remaining prototype engine. The last one. A sight that is bound to accelerate your pulse with excitement and anticipation. This is not just a machine, it's a piece of history.

What's in the crate?

The Opportunity

The build of this very special engine is about to commence.


Want to participate in the build or make it yours?



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