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Making the Dream a Reality
Building The Legend is proud to offer our skills and experience to project-manage and complete your dream project – from concept to completion – from design to a beautiful finished, unique, type-approved and road-legal car.
The "Wingfield/Walter Hill" XJ13
Good to see this car has resurfaced after a rebuild by the owners of the (formerly) discredited company JD Classics.
The Jaguar V12 – Part Three - Evolution
In Part Two we looked at the development of the quad-cam V12 – we now look at how this evolved into the first single cam V12 engine.
The Jaguar V12 – Part Two - Development
In Part 1 we looked at the origins of the V12 – in Part 2 we look at the development of the V12 in a little more detail.
The Jaguar V12 - Part One - Origins
For 25 years, between 1971 and 1996, Jaguar’s smooth and refined V12 power unit powered the Series 3 E-Type as well as a range of luxury saloons.
The Experimental Jaguar Mk10s
(The following findings are very much a “work in progress” and work is continuing in trying to fill the gaps – all contributions gratefully received!)