Doodling ….

….what might a privateer Jaguar XJ13 have looked like in ’67? …… 1967 Le Mans – the “sweet spot” for some of the most beautiful race-cars in history – the mighty Ford GT40, the sublime Ferrari 330 P4, the gorgeous Porsche 906 – varied entries from marques such as Marcos, Alpine, Abarth, Matra. Truly a special “moment in time” …. Any thoughts?

Jaguar, XJ13, Le Mans, 1967, Ferrari, GT40, P4, 330, Lola, T70, Porsche 906, Building The Legend

The words Jaguar, Jaguar XJ13, XJ13 are used in a historical/descriptive context and in no way suggest our recreations/replicas are approved by Jaguar. It is widely known that there was only ever one Jaguar XJ13 and any others can only ever be replicas, facsimilies, tributes, recreations, toolroom copies or similar.