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IVA Testing

We can help you successfully obtain an IVA for your own replica/recreation - all marques, not just Jaguar.

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An IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) test, which used to be called an SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) test, is a legal requirement set by the UK Department of Transport and one which your car must pass to ensure your vehicle complies with all current UK regulations.

Building The Legend routinely takes cars through the IVA test.

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If your car does not undergo the IVA Test or doesn’t achieve the required standards, you will not secure a Ministers Approval Certificate and will not be able to register your vehicle for use on UK roads.

It used to be the case that cars could assume the identity of another car but this practice is illegal and you risk having your car removed and destroyed.

To this day, some replica manufacturers still offer classic replicas registered using a V5 registration document from another car. This dubious practice could result in you losing your car .....

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The words Jaguar, Jaguar XJ13, XJ13 are used in a historical/descriptive context and in no way suggest our recreations/replicas are approved by Jaguar. It is widely known that there was only ever one Jaguar XJ13 and any others can only ever be replicas, facsimilies, tributes, recreations, toolroom copies or similar.