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Le Mans Prototype Component Form

We can supply everything needed to complete your build and can "hold your hand" throughout the build process - right through to final shakedown and road-registration if required. Your final build can be assessed by us and a Factory Warranty can be applied depending on the quality of the final build.

Our aim is to support you through not only the build process but also beyond.

We are also willing to consider departures from our "standard offering". For example, you may choose to install your own custom body on our existing and proven monocoque/chassis. You are limited only by your imagination!

Race Pipes (Exhaust)

“Race Pipes”. Custom-fabricated straight-through uncoated stainless-steel exhaust to original pattern (no silencing or catalyst – unsuitable for road use in the UK).
£5,750.00 excl tax


Optional additional stainless-steel custom-fabricated silencers designed to substitute for “race pipes”. Suitable for road use in the UK.
£2,775.00 excl tax

Lightweight racing alternator plus bracket

£485.00 excl tax


Lightweight high-torque starter
£465.00 excl tax

Seats x 2

Driver and passenger seats as original (vinyl-coated hand-made aluminium shell tailored for customer)
£3,950.00 excl tax

Recaro-style sports seats x 2

Classic full-leather black Recaro-style sports seat in the style of the original manufactured exclusively for Building The Legend limited.
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