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Easter Party 2023 -15 April 2023
Remembering a wonderful day in the presence of friends and fellow-enthusiasts 🙂
RIDE OF Your Life -28 March 2023
Harry Advic of ABODE2 magazine takes a spin in a re-imagined V12 Jaguar E-Type created by Building The Legend CEO & Founder, Neville Swales
Prices & Options announced for our "E-Type Re-Imagined" cars - now taking orders.
Classic Workshop -19 February 2023
Building The Legend Limited, creators of the sublime Le Mans Prototype inspired by Jaguar’s one-and-only XJ13, is proud to announce our extension of services to owners of classic Jaguars and our aim of matching their passion with our attention to detail and craftsmanship. From engine rebuilds to a full restoration - we can do it all.
February 2023 Newsletter -15 February 2023
Our latest newsletter - tera V12 now available to buy, new showroom, XJ13 "kits" and E-Types for sale.
Powered by tera -14 February 2023
Aiming to recapture the elegance and purity of the early E-Types coupled with the excitement of our 6.1-litre V12.
You are invited .... -09 February 2023
Easter Sunday - 9th April 2023 - Building The Legend Workshop, Coventry
New Showroom/Studio. -30 January 2023
We needed a bit more space! Starting to move into our new showroom/studio.
We need some rivets .... -26 January 2023
"We need some rivets" said Paul. "OK" I replied, "What kind do we need?". Paul scratched his head and answered, "Dunno - I suppose we need to find out what Jaguar used in 1966".
They're here! -19 January 2023
tera® Quad-Cam V12 - Now Available to Buy!