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tera V12

The type of power unit that could have been heard howling down the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans in 1966, and beyond. An engine that should have powered Jaguars range of sports cars and saloons if circumstances had permitted. 

Available in either 6. 1 or 6.8-litre guise, inspired by the Ferrari V 12s that roared around the Le Mans circuit, and the missed chance for Jaguar to follow-up its straight-six success in endurance racing with a V 12 engine. A beautifully sculptural, evocative and visceral power unit.

"tera" quad-cam V12 crate engine

Hot-tested, warranted engine. PRICE SHOWN IS FOR 6.1-LITRE.
£75,000.00 excl tax £95,000.00 excl tax